The Ranch Property Real Estate sales site for Hill Ranch in Eastern Oregon

The Ranch

General Impression:

These 4508.05 deeded acres run alongside the John Day River. Abundant timber exists throughout. The land possesses majestic mountain ranges and there is an abundance of wildlife. The absence of any structures lends character to its openness and natural beauty. Access to the land is good and has been improved in the last years. The natural calmness of this particular property is extensive and very photographic. The abundance of water from the Middle Fork of the John Day River attracts some of the largest Steel Head Salmon and Rainbow Trout that Oregon has to offer, as well as Rocky Mountain Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Deer and Antelope.

There are no easements, reservations, restrictions, or leases of record, and there are no adverse restrictions of any type on this property. It is free and clear of any liens and of any encumbrances.

Highest and Best Use:
Farm and grazing, hunting and recreational with potential gas and oil royalties and all mineral rights run with the ownership of the property. The timber has not been harvested for over 50 years.

In connection with this property there is a lease with the Bureau of Land Management that runs with the ownership of this property. This additional area amounts to approximately 1600 acres. The lease runs concurrent with the ownership at no charge to the owner.

Numerous underground artesian springs are located throughout the property. The middle fork of the John Day River and the John Day itself run alongside the ranch.

The entire ranch is protected under the Oregon Farm Use Act and has been for over 30 years.

Unique Eastern Oregon:
It’s a land of great diversity with majestic mountain ranges, wide open plains, ancient rock formations, and uncounted plant varieties. Still – visible from pioneer wagons traveling the Oregon Trail and tell-tale tailings from early mining days make it a land rich in history. Grant County is the land of scenic contrast. Things just look different there. The dramatic geological formations in the John Day Fossils Beds National Monument are overwhelming.

Sagebrush and juniper dot the slops, the grassy valleys, pine forest, mountain peaks and many streams, river, lakes, and hot springs are in this area. Natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant year-round. There are thousand of acres of public land that offer backpacking, cross-country skiing, snow-mobiling, hunting, fishing, horseback riding or just scenic driving. This part of Oregon is the place for just about any recreational past time. You can find challenging golf courses, pristine camp grounds, thrilling rodeos, and quiet hiking trails all within a short drive of each other.

An official fish and wildlife survey was conducted in 2013 and can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

This area is an ideal spot for hunters, such as game birds, elk, deer, and even bear can be found throughout the region. You’ll need lots of film to try and capture the magnificence of Oregon’s natural wonders. Such as the deepest river gorge in the Unites States, even deeper than the Grand Canyon, the largest geological fault in North America. You’ll see beautiful alpine meadows carpeted in golden wild flowers, miles upon miles of pine forest infused with sunlight, arid deserts dotted with sage brush and loaded with wildlife, towering snowcap mountains and one of the finest ski resorts in the United States, Mount Bachelor. If Hill Ranch is your final destination, then the adventures that await you are countless. “There is just no other place like it!”